The old marketing paradigm.

Has social media replaced traditional marketing?

Since the dawn of social media marketing, blogging and the inbound marketing in general people have been asking one question “Is traditional marketing dead?” The answer to this is not simple nor is it black and white.

 In general I would say yes traditional marketing in the sense that we used to know it is dead, TV ads, billboards and newspaper advertisements will quickly become a thing of the past simply because people don’t have to look at them anymore.

It seems that traditional marketing is being replaced by permissions based social media advertisements. Instead of marketers bombarding potential customers with ads they are now being forced to create content that consumers actually want to see.

We are even starting to see this in television, a perfect example is dish networks “The Hopper.” The Hopper is a device that records TV shows and plays them back without the commercials.

Once this becomes mainstreamed (and it will) it will mean that one of the biggest advertising outlets companies have will be essentially obsolete.

The Hopper is only a microcosm of a much larger trend that will eventually become very standard in the new inbound marketing world. Allow marketing is going through an enormous change right now, people in the industry shouldn’t be scared.


The death of the old marketing system, not necessarily traditional marketing.

The death of traditional marketing does not mean the death of all marketing in fact it means quite the opposite.

The old traditional marketing jobs will simply be replaced by new inbound (social media) positions, marketing and marketing jobs are not going away they are simply being changed by social media.

This death of traditional marketing is actually of enormous benefit to all customers. In the past customers were forced to sift through a barrage of constant information about products, 90% of which they did not care about.

In the old traditional system customers had an information overload and this caused good products that certain customers might actually want to get lost in the clutter of it all.

With the new inbound system, social media is allowing customers to tune out all of the irrelevant information about products they don’t want and choose to receive information about products that they might be interested in.

For example in an outbound marketing world, a customer who is looking for a specific ca (lets say a sedan) would be getting information from TV, newspapers and magazines about Trucks, Sports cars and Jeeps .

Now in an inbound marketing world the customer can tune out all of the other information systems and simply search for relevant information through social media. 

The take a way

Traditional marketing isn’t necessarily dead but the marketing landscape has been altered dramatically. For the time being TV, Radio and Newspaper will continue to be important tools in a marketers arsenal but not as important as they used to be.Image


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